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 What do I do


Strategic Planning


Organizational Start Up Consulting


Fundraising and Development


Contract Executive Director Services


Community Organizing and Outreach


Professional Development


Organizational Capacity Building and Team Building


Issues I’m tacking

Gender Pay Gap

Gender Board Gap

Workplace Sexual Harassment

Climate Change

Industrial Food System

Building Local Economies

Brain Cancer




Project Thesis


Project Thesis is an initiative spearheaded by Ashley Lukens that brings together the leaders in gender lens investing and women’s professional development to serve women entrepreneurs, creators, and community leaders in Hawaii.  Currently in its “project scoping phase,” I am conducting informational interviews with stakeholders and leaders to assess the community’s need and the resources available for project execution.  Current committed parters include Dawn Lippert, Lisa Kleissner, Meli James, Susan Yamada, Danya Hakeem. 


Dear Boss Babes


Dear Boss Babes is an irreverant and funny professional development podcast and breakfast series produced and hosted by Ashley Lukens and Jasmine Slovak. Currently set to launch in Spring 2019, we are searching for professional development and professional challenge testimonials by women in the state. Our host/partner is Box Jelly Coworking Space and broadcast partner is Central Pacific Radio.




Frost Family Foundation


Frost Family Foundation is a small family Foundation located on Maui. I am the Executive Director and I work on Grantee . 




Ergobaby is a consumer product company that serves new moms and young families. I am a member of the Board of Directors and currently working with the organization to develop a Corporate Social Responsibility Statement the catalyzes greater organizational attention to our environmental, social, and economic impact. 



Center for Food Safety


CFS is a national advocacy organization that uses litigation, education, and policy to regulate the industrial food system and support alternatives.  I oversee Hawaii operations and run the organization’s soil and climate program.


Next Gen Donor Hui


Next Gen Donor Hui is a loosely affiliated group of young female philanthropists who are looking to change the culture and style of philanthropy in Hawaii. 

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Project 5.png

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