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Organizational, Start-up Consulting +

I love to create and manifest new things. Do you have a project or business idea you need help getting off the ground? From fundraising, to strategic planning, to the business administration requirements in the state of Hawaii, we can work on this together.



Community Organizing & Outreach +

So much of what we want to create requires that we bring people together along on the difficult journey of creating social and economic change. Community organizing combines fundraising, communications, strategy, and movement building. If you want a fresh and innovative mind consulting on your community organizing project, we should connect.



Contract Executive Director +

Sometimes an organization or project is in need of temporary or transitional leadership. I can help step in to ensure your organization or project gets off the ground or stays afloat during times of growth and change.



Fundraising & Development +

Raising money can be the hardest part of running any organization. I’ve learned a lot about how to do it well and efficiently. Let’s talk.



Professional Development +

Rising into your potential often requires coaching and acquiring the tools to understand and be your best self. I’m passionate about working with individuals and organizations to optimize and grow individuals and teams.



Strategic Planning +

Where are you going? Are you taking the right path? Do you have clear goals? A good timeline? Has your team bought in? Lets figure this out together.


The Squad


Who are we if not for our super-powered collaborators?

These bright minds inspire me everyday. They help me, my clients and our work product to look and feel fly.


I’m a proud Texas expat, who has lived in Hawai`i for the last 13 years.

Hawai`i has nurtured my deep sense of responsibility to care for this precious planet we call home and to do so in ways that honor the wisdom and knowledge of community. We have but one life, and mine has been a journey of rising into the potency of my purpose and potential.

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UH Manoa Phd +

After graduating from Vassar College in 2004, I moved to Honolulu to attend UH Manoa 2006. Building off my work as a community organizer and advocate, my doctoral research examined food justice organizations and how these groups sought to affect change. I graduated in 2013 with a PhD in Political Science.


Baby Awearness +

At the core of this was an interest in the politics of consumer behavior. In 2009, I bought my first business, Baby Awearness, (Baby A), a small, cooperatively run retail store and educational center. Baby A was a labor of love: a side project selling cloth diapers and baby carriers that, almost overnight, turned into a hub for Honolulu families interested in sustainable and natural-parenting products.


Center for Food Safety +

In 2014, upon the completion of my PhD, I sold Baby A, left Academia, and joined the national advocacy organization Center For Food Safety to open their Hawaii office. In 5 years, I raised nearly $3 million, built our membership from 2,000 to 11,000 members statewide, passed landmark legislation on sustainable agriculture, and created game-changing educational campaigns which have profoundly shifted public discourse on agriculture and pesticides in the state.



Frost Family Foundation +

Since, 2016 I have been contracted by the Frost Family to serve as the Executive Director of the Frost Family Foundation, identifying and supporting grantees who are working in the areas of early childhood development, women in leadership, sustainable agriculture, conservation, and the environment.



Ergo Baby Board of Directors +

In 2017, my work with Karin expanded to include joining the Ergobaby team as a member of the Board of Directors advancing questions of Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity in leadership.



Ashley Lukens Consulting +

Since joining the Frost Family Foundation, I have been approached by other changemakers in Hawaii to help expand and develop their personal philanthropic visions. From their interest, Ashley Lukens Consulting was born. I represent clients in Portland, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. One of the projects I’m most excited to be working on right now is the Next Gen Donor Hui, a community of Next Gen donors who collaborate on funding, the sharing of ideas, and the re-imagining of the future of giving in Hawai‘i.


When I am not consulting for my amazing clients, I’m following my passion for all things femme:

Leading projects such as Project Thesis and co-hosting a podcast Dear Boss Babes.

Or serving on the board of the Honolulu Tool Library. More details in Projects.


I imagine a world where our economy serves everyone and drives environmental resilience.

- Ashley Lukens

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I believe the future is female. Do you?

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I wake up everyday privileged to work with individuals and organizations that are making our world a better place.

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You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.

-CS. Lewis

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